New-ier and improve-ier for 2007.


Where I've Been

Let me 'splain.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Boys, you might want to look away. This is kinda icky.

First, there was training. It was slack-y training, but it was training nonetheless.

Then, The Weez went on a business trip.

Then, there was lots and lots of abdominal pain. And also bleeding. Lots and lots of bleeding.

Next, there was the (very unexpected) positive pregnancy test. This was unexpected in large part because I had taken pro-active birth-control-type steps, in the form of an IUD, to prevent this. I experienced a very brief flash of gratitude for my race experience during this revelation, because it gave me much-needed practice in feeling the "going-to-pass-out" feeling and pushing it back.

Then, there was the part where the IUD was determined to be MIA. Ascertaining this involved a certain wand/condom configuration that was best described by Nytro.

Then there was waiting, to see what my body was going to decide to do with the pregnancy.

Then The Weez's grandfather died.

Then there was the miscarriage.

Then The Weez came home from his business trip.

Then there was the funeral.

Then there was the testing to make sure that my body was handling the miscarriage "properly," which is lots and lots of The Suck.

Then there was the x-ray to find the wayward contraceptive device.

Then there was the determination that the IUD had indeed gone AWOL, and had left the confines of my uterus for more spacious digs in the Greater Abdominal Area.

Then there was the spy-cam insertion and contraceptive extraction.

Then there was Percocet.

Which brings us to today!

Thus, most of my absence is explained.

I get to start training again, finally, mid-next week. So, that's the news from here.

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Well. . . what do we have here?

Is this a. . .wait. . . is this MY blog? Really? When did THIS get here?

My training and racing is a wee bit up in the air at the moment, due to some whack-ass factors that are almost entirely outside of my control. I promise that I will stop being all mysterious and finally POST dammit when I get more info.

But I've gotta go for a run now. :)

Good luck to everyone at Wildflower this weekend!