New-ier and improve-ier for 2007.


External motivation (a mini-script)

Scene: the playroom. Veeg is sitting on a child-sized wooden chair.

Small Child: MoooOOOOOooom, get UP! You're going to break my chair!
Veeg: [laughs] I'm pretty sure I'm not going to break your chair.
Small Child: Well, of COURSE you are! Just LOOK at you.




"I'm feeling some soreness in the area of my piriformis" sounds SO much more elegant than "Daaaaaamn but my ass hurts," don't you think?




Race Schedule:

1/15/2006: 5K Sampson Stomp
3/11/2006: 5K Blarney Run
4/30/2006: 5K Marquette Research Run
6/17/2006: (est): 4 mile run (or. . . maybe 10 if I'm feeling super-ambitious?) Lighthouse Run
7/9/2006: Danskin Triathlon -- Chicagoland
7/22/2005: Sprint Triathlon Spirit of Racine
9/something/2006: Muddy Buddy
10/something/2006: Green Bay Duathlon

Seriously, I think I might be INSANE.


Good God, y'all.

Has it really been pretty much a year since I updated? Lordy, I suc.

So. . . I ran a 5K with a friend of mine a few weeks back. And I kicked his butt. And he got all boy-competitive-y on me, and demanded that we sign up for a triathlon as a rematch.

Which. . . I just did.

And I need to ANHILATE this guy on July 22nd. Or I will never, ever hear the end of it.


Let's hear it for the dual motivational powers of vanity and public humilation!